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Studio Dhoom's


Fall 2020

At Studio Dhoom, we value the trust that hundreds of families have placed in us over the last decade. We love dance, we love culture and we love working with children. We have striven to create a quality after school program that will take your little bud and nurture them in a safe, STEAM based, dance packed, fun filled environment that you have come to expect of us!


Well Rounded

STEAM based curriculum with a daily focus on individual subjects. 

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Multi Talented

Learn Bollywood, Folk & Fusion dances at an accelerated pace to create lifelong passion for dance!


Well Grounded

Create a strong foundation for performing arts while learning about the culture through immersive arts and crafts. Build a portfolio!


Dance lessons valued at $300 per month are included in 5 day plan and $180 in 3 day plan.

5 days

$119 / week on Monthly plan

3 days

$89 / week on Monthly plan


2:30 - 3:00
Welcome & Social, Inter-Personal Games

3:00 - 4:00

Dance​ (learn 2 different dancing styles each week including Bollywood, Folk & Fusion)

4:00 - 5:30

STEAM based Science, Engineering & Craft activities and projects everyday. We provide ALL SUPPLIES beforehand in sanitized trays organized by day. If you are not local, we can ship supplies as well.

Sample Virtual STEAM Projects from March-Aug 2020

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Testimonial by Sahiti - Dance Class & Camps
Testimonial by Dhanush - Kids
Testimonial by Shalini - Studio Dhoom Parent & Student
Testimonial by Jahnavi - Teens
Testimonial by Monica - Adults
Testimonial by Nandita - Adults
  • Which schools do you pick up from?
    We offer free pickup from Moorefield Station, Rosa Lee Carter, Creightons Corner, Legacy, Waxpool, Madison's Trust, Hill Side & Mill Run Elementary schools, Eagle Ridge, Stone Hill & Brambleton Middle schools. We also pickup from many other schools. If your Ashburn school is not on the list, please do contact us as most of the time, we can add the school to our pickup service!
  • Do you have payment plans and additional discounts?
    Yes! We offer Monthly or Yearly payment plans. The fees listed are for a monthly payment plan. If you commit for the full year and pay upfront, you get an additional 10% discount.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    Yes! 5%.
  • Will you be open on school holidays?
    Yes, we will be open on most school holidays and teacher work days and offer day camps. After School students will have a significant discount on the camp fees.
  • What about snow days?
    We have a somewhat liberal take on the LCPS closings. If the road conditions are safe around our area, we will decide to stay open and offer day camps. If the roads are bad, we will be closed. Either way, you will know early enough so you can plan!
  • What kind of care can I expect?
    If you have not experienced our classes or our camps already, the best way to know how we do things is to try one of our camps! The camps don't cover the academics but you will get a good idea of the warm, loving, nurturing but focused learning environment we provide!
  • What kind of dances will they learn?
    They will learn Bollywood, Indian Folk, Semi-classical, Indo-Western Fusion, Hip-Hop and other combination dancing styles. The school year will be divided into sessions with individual focus given to a different dancing style in each session. This is to introduce new learning to the students without them getting bored! At any point, they will be learning two different dancing styles each week. Our aim is to teach advanced dance techniques to each child and prepare them for competitive dance (if that is their liking!).
  • Will my child perform?
    Absolutely! Performing is a big part of the Studio Dhoom curriculum. All after school students will have the opportunity to perform at Studio Dhoom recitals in December and June and will additionally have other performing opportunities which we will share as they come!
  • How will they advance in dance?
    On average, a child enrolled in our after school program gets more than double the amount of dance instruction that they would receive if they were in our dance classes. So they will learn faster, build muscle memory faster and advance at a faster pace!
  • How will be teaching the program?
    The same expert and friendly staff that teaches our dance classes will be teaching the dance component of the program. Well qualified faculty will be teaching the Academic components of the program. Everyone is background checked, CPR certified and experienced in caring for young children!
  • I have more questions. What do I do?
    We understand, we have kids too :). Just fill the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a tour. We will love the opportunity to give you a tour of our facility and explain the program in-depth and answer all of your questions!

Schedule a Virtual Tour

22621 Amendola Ter, Ste 120, Ashburn VA 20148

Please fill this form and we will contact you to schedule a virtual tour and provide detailed information at a time convenient to you. 

Thank you for reaching out! We will get in touch with you ASAP to schedule a tour and discussing with you our program and answer any and all of your questions!

Schedule a Tour
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