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We Pursue Together


With classes for Mother-Daughter together, Adults and children of all ages..explore your passion.


$199 / month

Take upto 4 classes a week​
in-person or Virtually from anywhere
Some Sample Scenarios

1 person can take 4 classes


2 children take 2 classes each (in different dancing styles)


Mom takes 2 adult classes (with a goal of learning dance and fitness) and a child takes 2 classes


A couple takes a couples class, older child takes 2 classes and the little one takes 1 class

The combinations are endless..see what works for your family

Who is this for?

Families with multiple dancers such as:

Siblings wanting to take multiple classes each 

A parent and children all wanting to take a class

Both parents wanting to learn in addition to the kids

Learn multiple dancing styles each week to accelerate your dance journey.

Why is this a value?

For families with an interest in dance that have now found the time to take classes (in-person or from comfort of your home), this membership provides a 25% discount vs signing up for individual classes. Essentially, you are getting a class free!

Fine Print

- This is for members of 1 immediate family. i.e same household. Family relationship will be verified at signup.

- Students will be required to select a class and continue with that class for the duration of the Fall session. Because we teach choreographed dances, this is not a drop-in type membership.

- Advanced classes are not included in this plan.

- Fall session will include 4 payments of $199 / month. You can cancel the membership at any time with a week's notice prior to next billing. No refunds for missed classes.

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